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How much do the essays I find on this site cost?

We're as concerned about price clarity as Aunt Polly was about Tom Sawyer's well-being! Not only are we concerned, we're also very proud of our low rates! See the price up top? It's only $9.95/page for ANY essay on our list! What about works cited pages? Whenever our essays cite secondary, critical sources, the bibliography or works cited page(s) is/are absolutely FREE! Moreover, Mark-Twain-Essays.Com charges only for the text of FULL, complete pages and EACH page contains at least 225 words based on standard Courier New 12pt printing and double-spacing! And what if you order custom research? As stated in the custom essays section of our site, the creation of a NEW essay on ANY topic YOU want is only $19.95/page and also includes a free bibliography!!! It's obvious that we're experienced not only in helping students with their essays, but in helping them with their budgets as well!...

How quickly can I receive an essay on Mark Twain ?

Almost as quickly as  Jim fell for Huck Finn's pranks! Mark-Twain-Essays.Com sends all of our customers their requested essays the same day they order! Within just a few hours, you can have ANY essay on this site delivered to you via email or fax! Don't have an email address or a fax machine? Neither did Tom Sawyer! We can also ship any essay you find here via Federal Express. This is the electronic age and information flows freely and quickly just like the waters of Twain's Mississippi river! Click "Essay List", find, order, & RECEIVE an essay to help you... TODAY!!!!

Can I submit my own Mark Twain essay to this site?

Even if you're an A+ student majoring in "Mark Twain studies" and can recite chapters from Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer backwards and forwards, we cannot accept essay submissions from anyone who is not already on our existing list of pre-screened writers (although you might consider applying for a career with the company if you know Twain's works THAT well!). 100% of the essays listed on this site were created by a team of seasoned professionals. We do not purchase unsolicited writing. All of the essays listed on this site are the intellectual property of The Paper Store, Inc. and its contracted writers...


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