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Just as Huckleberry Finn found peril along the waters of the great Mississippi River, contemporary students often find themselves treading their own 'deep waters' trying to understand and interpret the works of author Samuel Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain. But what Huck Finn never had, today's literature students do: the answer to any dilemma of interpretation...a website entitled Mark-Twain-Essays.Com.

Tired of crawling through web pages with scant information and little to go on? THIS site contains not one.... not ten... but dozens upon dozens of essays reviewing, analyzing, & critiquing the works of Mark Twain! Whether you're reading The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer for the first time or performing a comparison and contrast between Pudd'nhead Head Wilson and Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's' Court, THIS site is bound to have an essay or even several essays that will help YOU write you own! Just click the "Essay List" button to your left and begin browsing!

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  If you're like most students, this semester probably represents only your first or second occasion to study the works of Mark Twain. Having written his famous stories more than one hundred years ago, many of the themes presented by this great author have an unbearable tendency to elude the comprehension of today's youth. The reasons behind this are quite understandable. America is no longer the vast open wilderness it once was and the seemingly "delinquent" childhood of characters like Huck Finn no longer represent plausible realities. Today's students need help understanding and writing essays about the world depicted in Mark Twain's novels and short stories. THAT's where our site comes in! Confusion ends and clarity begins here at Mark-Twain-Essays.Com. Over the years, our researchers, writers, and expert literary analysts have prepared nearly one hundred critical essays on Mark Twain's works and we're proud to present those writings here on this very website! Browse through our titles, find an essay that will help YOU understand ANY story of Twain's that you're reading, and advance that much closer to completing your own report, essay, or term paper TODAY!!!...